Tyler Perry’s Acrimony….

Sad to see such a waste of a truly talented actress.

Taraji P. Henson must have agreed to do this movie as a personal favor. She’s smart, talented, successful, in-demand and (in my mind) has earned the right to “just say no.”

Ms. Henson must be reminded that movies like these diminish your ability to shine. You meant well, did the best with what you were given but we all know “you can’t make a dollar out of fifteen cents.”

Tyler Perry – where does one begin? Mr. Perru used to make movies worth seeing. He was unique in that he embraced and owned the negative stereotypes AND used them to his (and the viewer’s) be benefit. There was a time when we couldn’t wait for T.P.’s next flick. Sadly, however, that time has passed. The storylines are all the same. The characters recycled from a “somebody’s done me wrong – bitter until the affluent Prince/Princess unknowingly comes along and saves them from ultimate self-destruction” happily ever after (heretofore lost person finds themself) ending.

Tyler Perry is a talented genius who, for some reason appears to be locked in self imposed (creative) exile. What happen to the man who believed so wholeheartedly in his vision that he slept in his car? Safety and security are wonderful. It must be amazing to be in his position but doing so seems to have changed what I, and others like me, admired the most: real life ability to relate and seeing past stereotypes. T.P.’s movies forced us face demons. His storylines gave us platforms to discuss real life experiences and created cross cultural connections that healed and strengthened all who dared to go there. That’s the T.P. that I miss. That’s the T.P. whose films were worth waiting for. That’s the T.P. who’s films I look forward to seeing again