Great Attitude = Grattitude…

There is something to be said for grattitude. How many moments of your life do spend waiting, wishing, wondering, wanting more, better, and/or different than you have right now? How often do you race past something that was at one time (in your mind) essential to your happiness?  When you woke up this morning, what were your thoughts? At any point did you stop -stretch-breathe deeply-and give thanks for the ability to do so?  Did you race of past the ones who love you to get to something that (in retrospect) doesn’t really seem to matter much now? If today were your last day on Earth – would those closest to you know how much you cared?  Better yet,  if this were the last day all that your loved were here with you (meaning that you would be left behind without them) how important would those other things be right now?  It’s never too late to begin again! Go forth and be grateful! Image


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