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R-E-S-P-E-C-T…find out what it means…


In the United States, more than 56,000 people contract the HIV virus each year, and over one million people are living with HIV (CDC, 2007). Information compiled in a recent statistical analysis ranked San Diego County third throughout the state of California for the largest number of reported HIV cases (San Diego County, 2009). For many however, the introduction to the world of the HIV and AIDS comes, when they find themselves diagnosed with full-blown AIDS.

Every day in San Diego County, one person is diagnosed with full-blown AIDS.

We can talk, type, and text to our hearts content…but if our hearts were really content, would the rates of infection continue to rise?

As real as HIV and AIDS, are, so too is the basic desire to experience a connection with another person. From the cradle to grave, most individuals of all ages want to experience the complete connection (no matter how brief) of the five senses; taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight. The chemistry created by a conversation in a chat room and/or cell phone is tantamount to watching the chef’s on television make an everyday meal into a masterpiece; entertaining, nice to look at, just not very fulfilling.

Empirical studies give credence to one basic tenant; Despite knowledge of the potential risk of HIV (and/or other sexually transmitted diseases) an individual’s drive to satisfy their basic need for intimacy /sex is stronger than common sense.
In the heat passion – cast fate to the wind – seize the moment – hope for the best – and – believe that it just can’t happen to you?” HIV is actively seeking new recruits – no experience necessary – will train on the job. All levels of education welcomed!! Apply within!!

AIDS has taken far too many from this world much too soon. Step beyond your comfort and reach out to someone with HIV and/or
AIDS. Get to know them, after all, they are people too!! They laugh, cry, have hopes and dreams, just like everyone else. You may be surprised to discover that they too believed, that it could not happen to them.
AIDS – is an equal opportunity destroyer!!

To Protect Yourself – is to Respect Yourself.©


7 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T…find out what it means…

      1. Well,having worked in the field and serving many clients who have lived 15 or 20 years with the virus, I can say there has been major changes.

      2. I agree. And that’s the conversation we should be having. HIV is relatively difficult to get, but despite education, rates of infection rise. Everyone has heard of HIV/AIDS but no one seems to think it can happen to them.

      3. Sad but true. It’s almost as if people think that if they don’t talk about it – it won’t happen to them. More people need to see and understand that the face of HIV/AIDS really is everywhere. Perhaps if more people were willing to step out of the shadows and share their stories- more people would be willing to listen.

      4. Oh but people do..maybe cause I’m in the field and I organize these forums alot in Brooklyn. But I go to about 4 faith based organizations a year and hold an event where we have guest speakers. Small but its has been a huge impact in the last ten years.

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