Teach them to Fish…

The only thing more profound than the lessons she continues to teach me is that, even though she died 2yrs ago, I am still learning.

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As children, we develop ideals around how different from our parents we will be, when finally we have children of our own. Everything that our parents did, we decide (in some fashion or another) we won’t do. Everything that our parents didn’t do, we will do. What we fail to realize, is that our parents were once children too. Throughout their childhoods, throughout the trials and tribulations they struggled with, they too, decided to do things differently than those who reared them. In the absence of reason and rationale, we bring forth the lives that we create, often unaware that the commonality we share with the generations that came before us is this; all that we wished we could have had might have made us better than we have become. Did we become who were in spite of our circumstances or because of them?

Armed with ignorance and ideals we…

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