Holding On/Letting Go

Time really does fly.
Now they are 20yrs, 19yrs, 17yrs, and 15yrs -still it seems like only yesterday that they were babies…

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You knew this time was coming. 

 When they were little – you couldn’t wait for it. 

There were those who warned you – but you didn’t listen.  You couldn’t wait “until they were older.”

When other parents sided up next to you and yours, smiled and said  – “enjoy them as they are” – you  thought they were insane.

You wanted this part to “hurry up”  be over. 

Now, you understand all too well what they meant. 

I know certainly do. 

I have come to realize, that holding on (all too often) means letting go. Parents  have to let their children go.  Inasmuch as we would like to protect them from the all the ills the world has to offer, “holding on” too tightly prevents children from gaining the experiences necessary to become the people they were meant to be.

They were 6yrs, 5yrs, 3yrs, and 1yr old. I took  them…

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