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IMG_0365-001The ability to see beyond our current circumstance is what enables us to face the future. It fosters the belief in the basic tenant that “evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.”  Feeding our faith as opposed to our fears empowers us but what happens when hope fades? What happens when calls for “mother” and/or “God” go unanswered? What happens with the realization that a lifetime can be cut short – truly in the twinkling of an eye?  What happens when, on the grand scheme of things, fighting the good fight, wasn’t really a good fight at all?

What becomes of the warrior who, having become too old, too weak, or too injured to fight, is returned home? With whom does that warrior do battle now?

The battle is, as it has been all along; within. Remembering among the ruins of tales not yet forgotten becomes for some, a…

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