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Will work for kids…

STD_3887Modern day women are to be admired for their tenacity, confidence, and determination. The ways in which they have had (and continue) to knock down walls to open doors is admirable. We are no longer by the gender specific roles of yesteryear and as such, have many more choices than those who came before us could have ever imagined.
We can now decide to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, astronauts, scientists, astrophysicists, soldiers, mathematicians, athletes, engineers, and coaches (to name a few) without being frowned upon. Yes, women have earned the right to have their choices respected but how much respect is given to the woman who makes a choice to remain at home with her children?
Far too many children are being reared by themselves, nannies, babysitters, video games, cable TV, after school programs, peers, friends, cell phones, and day-care centers. They have paid the ultimate price for their parent’s unwillingness and/or inability, to make a choice that allows one parent to remain at home.
The full time stay at home mother works long hard hours but receives very little recognition and (for the most part) no pay. In addition to the aforementioned, she is often criticized and degraded by others who, for whatever reason, made different choices.
If the decision to be a full time homemaker were held in as high regard as some other career choices, would more women be willing to do so? Am I the only one who wonders, how different things might be if more women were (able and wanted) to stay at home at least until their children began school?
To experience the true nature of the equality that we seek, women must be able (and willing) to respect the choices that other women make. The equal rights movement gave women the right to make their own choices as opposed to having their choice made for them. When we mock, belittle, and/or downplay the woman who makes a choice to stay at home, we are, in fact, taking away the very right that makes us equal.


3 thoughts on “Will work for kids…

  1. While I have worked since my youngest was 4, I continue to hold up to the highest respect those stay at home mothers/fathers. I never as a co-worker (man) “Does your wife work?” I as instead: “Does your wife work outside of the home?” Because, believe me I know, being a stay-at-home parent is much more demanding than ANY other job. And, it should be even more rewarding as well.

    1. So glad that you understand. I, too, have had to work to support my family. When I was able to stay home with them I did. It rewarding and also one of the most difficult “jobs” I’ve ever done. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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