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Going Green – Too Far Gone


Caring about the Earth is crtical and necessary for survival, but caring more about the Earth than the people who live here, is the height of hypocrisy.

Does anyone remember when the garbage man was exactly that; a garbage man? Now, for the sake of political correctness, the garbage man is now called a “sanitation engineer.” What used to be a 2 man crew has been reduced to one man and a mechanical arm. In the name of becoming more “efficient” and environmentally friendly, we have increased the consumer’s expense and managed to eliminate someone’s to provide for themselves and/or their family. Hmmmm? Doesn’t sound very friendly or efficient to me?

Ask yourselves…

Do you really need to be told what kind of trash can you can use- and more importantly, what kind of waste to put in it? Does anyone remember, being able to purchase your own garbage cans? Or being able to set out as many as were necessary to rid your home of unwanted waste? Remember taking glass bottles to the store and getting the 10 cent refund? Of course that was before the “decision makers” decided that only water from plastic bottles was safe enough to drink. In retrospect, perhaps, if we had continued drinking from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and garden hose, the need for city regulated waste collection would be non-existent. Have the attempts to make things better -actually made things worse? Perhaps we should ask the other half of the now defunct 2-man garbage crew.


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