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I Love You….Me!


Each day brings with it an opportunity for us to see that we are all that we hope for and/or all that we fear. When we lack the ability to see clearly and understand the impact of our limiting beliefs, we fail to acknowledge and subsequently access the power within.


Stumbling blindly, blaming the world for the circumstances of our lives, leaves us dependent upon external events to enrich and create the positive changes we seek. The circumstances that we experience are the direct results of the choices that we make.  Those choices are predicated upon person that we believe ourselves to be.  Truth be told, the experiences we encounter are a reflection of our biggest hopes and/or worst fears. 

I am in love. 

I am in love with myself. 

Today I looked in the mirror and fell in love with someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while.  Today for the first time is so many years, I saw beyond stretch marks, rolls, and side arm fat. Today for the first time I looked in the mirror, accepted without judgment, and said “Hello” to the person who looked back.

I sat with her and studied her face.  With all that she had been through, I realized that I had been an enemy too.  I looked deeply into the eyes that looked back at me. I understood that an apology was in order, but  had no idea how to begin.  I had no idea where to start, but knew that somehow, I needed to find the words.  I looked at her, my reflection, faced the feelings behind the façade, and said this:

“For so many years, I have seen you as nothing more than a collection of mistakes.  I have taken you for granted. Please forgive me.  I have mistreated you. Is it a surprise that others were abusive?  I have called you names then become upset when you were called out of name by someone else.  I have disrespected you and was insulted, when you were slighted by others. Please forgive me.  I have colluded silently with others in their mistreatment of you.  I have shown more care and respect towards others than I have towards you.  I have looked right at you, but tried my best not to see you.  I have ignored your needs.  I have ignored your wants.  I have down played your intelligence.  I have sacrificed anything that mattered to you as everything else was always more important.  I have dismissed you.  You have been nothing more than a means to an end.  I have minimized your feelings.  I have belittled you.  I have blamed you for anything and everything that went wrong.  Those people that I called into my outward experience were simply a reflection of my inner experience.  I ignored your wants and became upset because you wants were ignored by others.  I lacked the confidence in your abilities, therefore, allowed others to downplay your intelligence.  I was ashamed of you, therefore, allowed others to treat you in shameful ways. I cursed you for not being, doing, and giving enough, and then became upset when others failed to appreciate your efforts.  I have seen only what’s wrong and then become upset with others for failing to acknowledge what’s right.  I have seen you as I would like you to be, and then become upset with others for failing to appreciate what is.  I failed to acknowledge your worth.

I settled for less, and then became upset when others provided less than I would settle for.

In spite of the ways I have treated you, you have been there. Despite my inability to be a true friend, you have remained steadfast and loyal.  You have been the spark that ignites my passion and the calm that soothes my soul.  You have been my safe harbor in a stormy see. I love!


Teaching people how to treat us begins by learning how to acknowledge, appreciate, accept and be kind to ourselves.©


3 thoughts on “I Love You….Me!

  1. My,
    I am still trying to digest this
    It certainly is from a perspective that I have never had, or have I.

    This is deep and I shall pnder for a while, store it and reread this again at a later date.

    My little Gigi has really grown up, way pass those her senior.

    God bless you. Stay close to him. Consider reading Ecclesiastes, Psalms and review the new testament. I would interested on your reflections afterwaards.
    Loving yourself , I believe God covered this in the Second Commandment.

    If anyone has mistreated us , know this “The precision of Justice would astound thee!” (c) Essie Morris Shipp

    Reflect on this intermittently. It would be helpful.

    You are a wonderful persom, with the capacity to grasp so much more than most hearts and minds are capable of.

    Your words are like the paintings of a Master. Your development is on target but in process.

    Your progression is beautiful.

    You are a precious treasure of God and whomever caused you ant type of pain already oes God much reparation. A brief prayer for anyone tht has been offensive i “God be with you.” It’s a kind of concise Lord’s prayer where you are ging only God’s Grace, yet protecting yourself and yours. Keep up your writing. T thirst for more.

    Aunt Essie

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