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Hello World!!!

The best things in life are free.  Try telling that to your Landlord when it’s time to pay your mortgage.  See if you can sell that to the people at the grocery store as you stroll politely by with a basket full of groceries.  The first thing we need to do is to be honest.  People with more money than God ever intended one person to have, are the ones who say so fervently “you can’t buy happiness,” and “money can’t buy you everything.”  These are the same people that spend millions to save the whales, but refuse to do anything to save the people. They run over homeless people on their way to a rally for displaced donkeys – but fail to see who the jack asses really are.  Now, if this doesn’t apply to you, then read with amusement as I put my two cent spin on world, community, and cultural events.  I am a black woman.  The words that you read here are in fact, my opinion –hence the name of this website.


2 thoughts on “Hello World!!!

  1. As for the filthy rich who care far more for animals instead of human beings; your sentiments echo my exact feelings. I just said it yesterday that PETA needs to find themselves another project or purpose.

  2. I agree that some people have apparently misplaced priorities when it comes to saving the animals of the planet before we save our own species. However, I also believe that there are a lot of poor people who have misplaced priorities in regards to money. They tend to idolize it and believe that if they had it, all their problems would go away. So they let the fact that they have limited amounts of it affect their families and friends. They choose to work to try and earn more money instead of seeing thier childs game or spending time with their wife or friends. They claim they are doing it for their family, but how can you say that when you are not even putting in the minimal time it takes to develop your relationships? Money can’t buy true friendship. Money can’t buy true love. When they retire, what will they have left?

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